Educational programme for the film


Vojtěch Ripka

Exploiting the educational potential of the film:

three areas

  • How reporting is conducted in areas of armed conflict
  • The military conflict itself
  • Making a documentary film

News and media in wartime (in Ukraine)


  • How to convey the state of mind of civilians in wartime?
  • How is the role of a casual observer different from that of a journalist?
  • What is the specific nature of working for radio (sound)?
  • Who chooses the language with which conflicts are described (and discussed)?

War conflict


  • How does war manifest itself in the psyche of civilians?
  • How is social media changing war?

Making a documentary film


  • How do filmmakers differentiate between the expendable nature of news and the long-term narrative? What is the value of a documentary film (perception of time and relevance)?
  • How does the story of the film emerge? How to choose one out of 100 hours?
  • How do the observer‘s (staff) and reporter‘s perspectives differ?

Principles of the educational programme

  • Active learning through skill-based lessons. Inquiry and creation; pupils make the decisions, the teacher prepares the learning situation and supports the pupils.
  • It fulfils current (and anticipated future) curriculum objectives in the areas of Media Education and People and Society.
  • Working with attractive and varied material appropriate to the age group and their experience and outlook. A selection of short clips from the film material are supplemented with, for example, sources from social media, excerpts from professional texts.
  • Based on a set of interactive, inquiry-based activities in both online and offline versions.
  • Driven by student inquiry questions, which students solve by applying their own creativity.
  • It contains a teacher-requested component – the Criterion Referenced Assessment.

How to reach the pupils?

  • Online lessons available for free for schools
  • Offer
    • teacher seminars (in-service teacher training)
    • seminars in schools – experienced lecturers, creators and leading journalists
  • Cooperation with established Czech domestic providers of educational content (People in Need; Občankář; Faculties of Education; journalism
    at the Faculty of Social Studies, Charles University)

Sample video


Válečný zpravodaj
prezentace – česky

War Correspondent
presentation – English

Військовий кореспондент
Презентації – Українська

Válečný zpravodaj
edukační program – česky

War correspondent
educational program – English


Producer (CZ)
Co-producer (SK)

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